Mariana (b. 1995 Lisbon) is a photographer and filmmaker currently based in London. Her work revolves around documenting her world with a careful and intimate eye. Most of her subjects are friends or people that end up becoming friends and close collaborators. 


Polydor, Levis, Air Jordan, Island Records, Dove, Getty Images, Black Girl Fest, Pinterest UK, Boiler Room, Warner Records, Refinery29 UK, Sony Music Portugal, Juicy Couture, Champion Europe


Refinery 29 UK: London Fashion Week Street Style - Spring 2023

Refinery 29 UK: Meet The Women Challenging The Status Quo In Male-Dominated Fields

Wonderland: Gurls Talk x Boiler Room IWD

Sheer Worldwide: Photographer To Know 


2022  - Black Bxy Joy, Photofusion, London

For commissions or any other enquiries, contact: 

Instagram marianap.res

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